Monday, December 11, 2006

Cupcakes - The New Villain

Cupcakes have now joined the game of tag in the list of banned things from elementary schools, and parents at George Mason Elementary School in Alexandria are pretty upset.
"A lot of people are really angry," said Karen Epperson, a George Mason parent. "They think this is really stupid."
This year, schools across the country began enforcing new federally mandated "wellness policies," and many are banning the little treats. Some parents are really annoyed and upset with the policies being put into place.

I have to chuckle at what our legislators are spending their time on. can you believe that Texas tried to ban cupcakes in schools last year? Their was such an uproar, that legislators passed the "Safe Cupcake Amendment" to protect the right of parents to tote cupcakes to school. After the vote, one lawmaker remarked, "We didn't realize how important cupcakes were." It's apparently part of the American landscape, and our collective childhood psyche. Cupcakes are apparently one of the gauges of good parenting; every good mom bakes cupcakes to bring to school at some point in her child's life.

But alas, with childhood obesity and diabetes, and kids' with allergies and all, the cupcake was doomed to go. Betty Crocker better be busy figuring out what to do about this because I can foresee a downward spiral of their sales of cupcake mixes. This could affect our economy big time!

On the other hand if they let the kids play tag, maybe the kids will just burn off those cupcake calories - just like we did when we were kids.