Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Experienced Boomers Retiring - Who'll Take Over?

Workforce shortages in various fields are already being predicted. Since baby boomers are beginning to retire, companies are faced with trying to replace experienced managers. It's been reported that the cohort just behind the Baby Boom generation, those roughly age 20 to 35, is significantly smaller -- about 16 percent fewer people -- than the group age 35 to 50. Some boomers may choose to work longer, and will most likely be healthy enough to do so. Those companies who have not already taken steps to manage the succession of leadership will undoubtedly suffer. Some areas of shortages are predicted in the power business, the medical field (nursing and healthcare), and middle management in many fields.

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Dana Hanley said...

The railroad is almost in a state of panic. They are talking about all sorts of things which seem strange. First, of course, is cutting conductors and going to one-man crews. The second is the sort of frightening one...a single person running multiple trains via a television monitor. The technology already exists for the trains to basically run on their own, and the person with the monitor would just be the back-up in case something goes wrong.

Hubby's trying to protect his job at the moment and going for engineer training so that when the conductors get cut, he'll have a job. Then we won't see him much anymore : (