Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fraud and Deceit Alleged In Mental Health Treatment, Drugs, and Screening

Eli Lilly Said to Play Down Risk of Top Pill - Can Eli Lilly's Zyprexa (a psychotropic drug) be causing Diabetes in it's users? and isn't it quite the coincidence that Eli Lilly just happens to make huge profits from Diabetes medication too?

In Texas, the Attorney General is suing alleging that the State's mental facilities were duped into using specific drugs. AG Greg Abbott, along with Allen Jones, a former investigator for the state of Pennsylvania, alleges that a state official pushed certain drugs and was rewarded with money. This is a case of alleged fraud regarding Medicaid.

Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer spoke out against mental health screening and this is a speech you really should read.

Some say TeenScreen's Evil Sister - Texas Medication Algorithm (guidelines) Project (TMAP) is a plan concocted by drug companies to influence government officials to push the newest most expensive antipsychotic drugs. Update: Video available on the Texas case. (see: Drug Company Sued).

It is claimed that mental health screening is actually a marketing ploy designed to bring new customers to Big Pharma. Both TMAP and TeenScreen were "recommended" by the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health. Both are engaged in the first of many lawsuits. There is great national controversy regarding TeenScreen asking kids as young as 9 years old questions about suicide and then referring them to "treatment" (drugs). Lawsuits have been initiated over the fact that screening was done without parental consent. Kids were referred to therapists and put on medications that they did not need. Check out the online petition against TeenScreen, which over 500 doctors have already signed. Check out what schools in your area use TeenScreen.