Friday, December 8, 2006

Greek Students Banned From Cellphone Use

You see.. the problem with cellphones now is that they can provide video documentation.
Greece's educrats have banned cell phones in their schools in response to a flurry of reports where students have used their cellphones to film sexual activity and violent behavior going on in school.
"Pupils are not allowed to have mobile phones in their possession inside school grounds," the education ministry stated in a letter sent to primary and secondary schools.

Recently, educators and psychologists have argued that the videotaping of unruly behavior encourages further disorder, with pupils in some cases competing to create increasingly shocking footage. The issue is also being discussed in our country. Some school systems have already adopted policies to ban cellphones, or are considering them.

I think that perhaps they just don't want the public to know what really goes on in the schools.We had an incident here in my own quiet suburban home town, at Conard High School. A melee broke out, the police were called in, and a young man used his cell phone to capture kids being subjected to police violence. The police were furious and confiscated his cellphone and arrested the boy, claiming he created a breach of peace and interfered with a police officer

Do you recall that the Civil Rights movement here in our country had a big push because the racial violence was being brought into living rooms across America? It is one thing to read about abuse, and quite another to actually see it. Perhaps if kids can videotape what's being perpetrated on them in school, people might wake up to why we have the problems that we have there. Why should there be a double standard; that we can have video surveillance in place by a school system but that kids can't take their own pictures to document what happens there?