Saturday, December 16, 2006

In the UK - Attack on the Obese

You'll never believe this: One professor, Naveed Sattar, Professor of Metabolic Medicine at the University of Glasgow, has made a number of suggestions to help combat Britain's obesity crisis which is becoming a big problem in cost to their socialized medicine system.

One such proposal is:
Oversize clothes should have obesity helpline numbers sewn on them to try and reduce Britain's fat crisis.

Prof Sattar is calling for more political intervention, like mandating that food manufacturers should display energy content of all meals and snacks at retail and catering outlets, and that new urban roads should only be built if they have safe cycle lanes. He also thinks that new housing complexes should be constructed only if they have sports facilities and green park areas.

One reader responded:
Just preclude fat people and smokers from using government funded health care services, or go back to private health care.

Another said: Ban high calorie foods? Raise taxes on fat and calories? Forbid obese people from riding public transportation? You people need to wake up and smell the fascism. If a person wants to over-eat, they should have a right to do so. If it's driving up health care costs, then discontinue socialized health care. You guys are practically goose-stepping; it's scary.

And this is the health care model and ideas that some people in the USA wish to model?