Friday, December 22, 2006

Let Them Eat Cake - Or Not....

I just love this example of free market capitalism. The British government didn't have to close this McDonald's down because of trans fats or other transgressions. The people voted with their feet. McDonald's is closing its outlet in a British town known for quality food and healthy local produce, and so it simply wasn't being used enough by locals.
This is how it works:
If a company offers what the public wants, then it gets to stay in business (the odds are even better if they have decent management).
If it doesn't offer what the public wants then it goes out of business. (horse and buggy whips or Edsels anyone?)
Make it cheaper, make it better, make it what someone needs and presto - you got a money making hit on your hands. Everyone wins.

We don't need the food police, and we don't need the government stepping in to subsidize failing businesses and keep them on life support.
For the record, Americans also know very well how to boycott companies for every reason from animal testing to selling offensive T-shirts.
Free Market Capitalism - the key to economic growth, innovation, and economic freedom.
This one's for you Milton Friedman !

Oh.. and of course this applies to education as well..
Not satisfied with the government schools? You can leave them as well; and many are doing just that to the tune of about 15% a year growth in homeschooling.