Monday, December 18, 2006

Local Governments Act Against Illegal Aliens

Fed up with government inaction on the issue of illegal immigration, a growing number of American towns are taking matters into their own hands and adopting controversial and, some say, illegal legislation. An excerpt:
From making English the official language of local government to banning foreign flags, more than 30 cities or municipalities across the country in recent months have adopted anti-immigrant measures. Many have also passed laws banning landlords from renting to undocumented immigrants and penalizing local businesses that hire illegals.
First of all - it's not anti-immigrant's anti-illegal alien.. Illegal aliens are lawbreakers pure and simple. People intentionally confuse illegal immigration with legal immigration such that you are deemed “anti-immigrant” if you think federal law should be enforced (including deportation) .Attaching the euphemistic term "undocumented" to purposeful lawbreakers does not make their breaking the law any less true. Calling an illegal alien an "undocumented immigrant" is like calling a burglar that breaks into your home an uninvited house guest. I am glad to see that some towns and municipalities have the back bone to say "enough already". Businesses should not be hiring non-citizens unless they have proper documentation.

People who are here illegally put a strain on our schools, our social services (including health care), and some are involved in criminal activities. Our taxes pay to put some illegals through college, and pay for their health care. Illegals working on your home can pose a liability to you.

My ancestors came here from Europe and followed the rule of law. Nobody was waiting for them on the shores of Ellis Island with free healthcare. Some folks are comparing that immigration to what is happening on our borders now. To compare our parents’ and grandparents’ immigration with what has been happening now on our borders is absolutely outrageous, historically incorrect, and incredibly insulting to any immigrant who came here legally.

Abiding by the law, and enforcing it until it is changed by the people, is the approach by which our Republic is supposed to work. It is neither "Right" nor "Left". Apparently some legislators condone illegal immigration and would even reward it with programs like in-state tuition breaks for "undocumented immigrants".

UPDATE: Jobs once held by illegals at Swift will now be filled by legal US residents .. and I think that's a good thing. Who says we don't have enough unemployed people who could use those jobs? Who says that illegals are taking jobs that Americans do not want?