Monday, December 18, 2006

Local Governments Act Against Illegal Aliens

Fed up with government inaction on the issue of illegal immigration, a growing number of American towns are taking matters into their own hands and adopting controversial and, some say, illegal legislation. An excerpt:
From making English the official language of local government to banning foreign flags, more than 30 cities or municipalities across the country in recent months have adopted anti-immigrant measures. Many have also passed laws banning landlords from renting to undocumented immigrants and penalizing local businesses that hire illegals.
First of all - it's not anti-immigrant's anti-illegal alien.. Illegal aliens are lawbreakers pure and simple. People intentionally confuse illegal immigration with legal immigration such that you are deemed “anti-immigrant” if you think federal law should be enforced (including deportation) .Attaching the euphemistic term "undocumented" to purposeful lawbreakers does not make their breaking the law any less true. Calling an illegal alien an "undocumented immigrant" is like calling a burglar that breaks into your home an uninvited house guest. I am glad to see that some towns and municipalities have the back bone to say "enough already". Businesses should not be hiring non-citizens unless they have proper documentation.

People who are here illegally put a strain on our schools, our social services (including health care), and some are involved in criminal activities. Our taxes pay to put some illegals through college, and pay for their health care. Illegals working on your home can pose a liability to you.

My ancestors came here from Europe and followed the rule of law. Nobody was waiting for them on the shores of Ellis Island with free healthcare. Some folks are comparing that immigration to what is happening on our borders now. To compare our parents’ and grandparents’ immigration with what has been happening now on our borders is absolutely outrageous, historically incorrect, and incredibly insulting to any immigrant who came here legally.

Abiding by the law, and enforcing it until it is changed by the people, is the approach by which our Republic is supposed to work. It is neither "Right" nor "Left". Apparently some legislators condone illegal immigration and would even reward it with programs like in-state tuition breaks for "undocumented immigrants".

UPDATE: Jobs once held by illegals at Swift will now be filled by legal US residents .. and I think that's a good thing. Who says we don't have enough unemployed people who could use those jobs? Who says that illegals are taking jobs that Americans do not want?


Dana said...

I agree...and interestingly, some of those most outspoken against illegal aliens that I have met were the legal Hispanic immigrants. The parents who spoke to me about it may be in a minority, I don't know, but if it is at all representative, there is no political fall out to be had from enforcing our laws.

Germany had a major problem with a similar issue as a result of unification. Everyone complained about the immigrant problem, but none of the major parties were willing to touch it. Suddenly, we saw unprecedented rises in neo-Nazi activity, including startling results in the polls. In 2004 , one neo-Nazi party even tied the ruling SPD and gained a seat in one area. (How that happens with a party that has been deemed unconstitutional, I don't know, but that is another story).

Rise of Nazi-ism? Increasing acceptance? Or a sense of powerlessness when your representatives refuse to address the problems you rank as most important?

Ed Darrell said...

But repeated studies show illegal immigrants contribute to our economy greatly, pay taxes at a higher rate than others (they don't file returns for refunds, often), and pay more into tax coffers than they take out (finally there is one study that suggests the extra goes to the states, and that local governments provide benefits they don't get compensated for -- but that's just one study). Moreover, the Dallas Federal Reserve notes that illegal immigrants are less criminally inclined than citizens and long-term residents.

Why not use a free-market solution? Our first immigration laws were explicitly racist, and they ended up damaging the growth of commerce here. Why not let people hire whom they need to hire? Let the market settle things out.

Quotas on immigration are artificial and over-regulatory. What good are the?

Judy Aron said...

Ed- Sorry - IMO your points are just plain wrong. Illegal immigrants are choking our social services system, and our school systems. They do not pay taxes to the IRS, or into the systems that they are using... and as for criminality, I'd like to know what news reports you've been reading because I have been reading story after story of the criminal elements coming across the border, especially in the South West. The "free" clinics are choked with illegals out West. Who pays for their care? They surely do not pay for it themselves.

I don't believe that there is anything racist about US citizenship. It gives us an identity, and the rights and privileges of being part of, and invested in, this country.

You want a free market solution? If people wish to become citizens then there is a path (a free market/choice) to that, and if they don't wish to invest the time and energy to becoming a citizen then they can go elsewhere. You can't be more free market than that. Becoming a citizen is a choice that they have. You aren't talking free market sir, you are talking free ride.

Obviously there is a value attached to living here, and there is also a path to do that legally.

Let's see... would you have people come into your house and take what they want? That's not free market - that is stealing. I believe that when you invite people into your home that they must abide by some conditions.. like not destroying your furniture and setting fire to your drapes. I take it that you don't let people come into your home and do whatever they please. I would imagine that you'd throw them out if they were destructive or not invited to be there in the first place.. or do you practice your brand/definition of "free market" (i.e. no rules) in your home? Free Market does not mean "no rules".

Having a value attached to being a legal productive citizen has not damaged the growth of commerce - we have had huge growth since the establishment of this nation. People who built this nation, who had an inherent interest in this country to improve it, and be a part of it, is what made this country great. It was largely, and for the most part, built by citizens, or people who chose to immigrate legally and become citizens.

I might add that the illegals living in this country, and the people who enable them (like the employers who hire them), are contributing to the creation of a slave-like underclass of people who have no benefits and no rights and work for much lower wages. I find the exploitation of these people to be dispicable. I still maintain that the laws in this country should be enforced, and that means punishing people who hire illegals and deporting those who are here illegally.

Businesses are still free to hire whom they wish - as long as they are here legally - so what is your problem with following the law? I am not saying that some lettuce picking company can't hire a Mexican,or anyone else for that matter; just make sure he is here legally and following the established rules. There is plenty of free market legal US resident human resources to choose from.
Maybe they might even hire US citizens who are unemployed in our urban ghettos.