Wednesday, December 6, 2006

No Fingerprinting in Irvine Schools

The plan to scan the fingerprints of 2,200 Irvine high school students was scrapped this week after angry parents argued it would violate their teens' privacy rights. The plan was devised as a means to ease lunch lines.
Because they create a database with the scanned information linked to other information, parents and others were very concerned about the possible misuse of data.

One student summed it all up.
Junior Emerald Greene described the proposal as "creepy."
"It is an invasion of privacy because they are monitoring what food I buy and how much money I spend," the 17-year-old said.
Give that girl an "A" in Civics Education, she clearly gets it!
Maybe she should get in touch with those folks in New Jersey, who want to do Iris scans in their schools, and clue them in.

Biometric Identification is a huge emerging industry. You can bet this blogger will be posting more about that issue.
Just as a quick comment:
Biometric identification relies on unique physical characteristics of an individual to ascertain their identification. Biometric identification can include retinal scanning, iris scanning, voiceprint, fingerprint, or handprint scanning. An interesting note is that people with disabilities may not possess the biological characteristic required for a scan (ex: if they are missing an eye or a limb), or may be unable to position themselves for a scan. I wonder if that would make scanning discriminatory for some?