Wednesday, December 20, 2006

TeenScreen - A Video You Shouldn't Miss

A new video about TeenScreen, mental health screening, is now up on YouTube. Please watch this eye-opening video. Then go here to "sign" the online petition, which is being presented to school boards and legislators across the nation.

Suicide is always an overwhelming tragedy for the family involved, but it is a myth that there is an epidemic of childhood suicides. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control the suicide rate among children, including teens, fell about 25 percent in the last decade. The overall rate of suicide among youth has declined slowly since 1992 (Lubell, Swahn, Crosby, and Kegler 2004.)

Mental Health Screening is a marketing ploy by Big Pharma, and the links can be seen if you "follow the money". Unfortunately the government has also gotten involved with mandates for screening programs and funding the agencies that are pushing this nonsense on us and our children.

Drug companies have a vested interest in Signs of Suicide, TeenScreen, and similar "mental health testing" groups. It's all in the marketing. Screening introduces a new market for the drug companies. The more people these groups test, the more customers become life-long users of their drug products, which means billions of dollars in profits for the drug companies. The basic purpose of drug companies is to formulate, create, and sell drugs. People who are diagnosed with "mental problems" become customers when they are referred by the testing groups into the mental health system. That these drugs have so many adverse side-effects, including violence, suicidal ideation and death doesn't seem to be part of the equation in the eyes of the drug companies or their shareholders. We are seeing everyday more and more articles coming out about the deception in the drug testing and marketing of these psychotropic drugs.

A warning to school administrators and school board members:
By administering mental health screening in your schools you are putting your schools in a position of liability, for if one child goes through screening without full disclosure and active parental consent, you will subject to an enormous lawsuit by some parent - and this is already happening to school systems in this country. If a child is screened and somehow gets funneled into ultimately taking medication for an illness that they do not have, the school will also become liable because of your referrals which lead to the subsequent destruction of the child's health, and/or life.. these types of lawsuits are also emerging. You should be reminded that the school is not responsible for the child's health, the parent is. No child in our school system should be screened or surveyed without complete disclosure and active parental consent. No parent should be forced or coerced into having their child subjected to screening, therapy or drugging, and their decision not to engage in those activities do not represent neglect.

Please educate yourselves about where these "wellness initiatives" are coming from. Stop enabling the pharmaceutical companies and the psychiatric industry to have access to our children. We must stop this nonsense of "disease mongering" and get back to the business of educating our youth. It would serve us all well if we got the psychiatric industry out of the schools altogether.

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