Saturday, December 30, 2006

They Want Your Kids Eyes

Iris scan
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"The Galveston County Sheriff's Department is the first sheriff's department in Texas and the 47th nationwide to join the Children's Identification Database, or CHILD Project.

The addition of Galveston County is part of an effort to image the irises of 5 million children into a nationwide database over the next few years, said Robert Melley, vice president and CEO of Biometric Intelligence & Identification."
Yup - they want your kids to get their irises scanned so that they can be identified if they get kidnapped.. or if they run away.
"So far, the CHILD Project is in 26 states after more than 18 months, said Biometric President Sean Mullin. Children with an iris scan in the national database cannot be identified unless they are in a county that has the CHILD Project equipment, he said.

The system can scan an eye and match an iris in 3 to 5 seconds after comparing it with stored images in a national database, Mullin said."
So wait a second .. don't they have to find the kid first in order to match their eyes? or are they planning to check the kids eyes after they are found dead on the roadside?
"Leonard acknowledged that some parents might see the iris scans as an invasion of privacy but said he is certain doubters could be won over.

O'Reilly said the CHILD Project overcame privacy objections by programming the database to remove an iris scan automatically once a child turns 18, unless he or she is still listed as missing.

He also said that only enough information to find the parents, or the family in the case of an elderly person, would be entered. Personal information, such as Social Security numbers, would not be used, he said."
Oh - I am really comforted to know that they are making efforts to keep information private (Not!)
The least amount of biometric information that the government has on me or my family members the better.. because one can NEVER be assured that the information will be hacked into - or sold - or stolen.

Anyone recall Minority Report, and everyone having to be subjected to retinal eye scans? (hence the need to get eye transplants to fake one's identity)
Not so entirely far fetched now... eh?

Look where this has been installed already.

File this one under Big Brother.
Remember they are building a national database.
This is almost as bad a tatooing one's arm with a number..