Thursday, December 28, 2006

Unschooler Gets Accepted to Princeton

Well, here is a wonderfully delightful article about an interesting young lady who became disenchanted attending government schools and decided to learn on her own, as an unschooler.

The article says:
Five years ago, frustrated with the pace and depth of a Chicago Public School gifted program, Abby withdrew from eighth grade and entered uncharted territory -- a branch of home schooling often called "unschooling."

Now at age 18 she has been accepted to Princeton. Abby Stewart says this:
"I do exactly what feels right to me," says Abby. "If I want to just read literature for three weeks or three months, that's perfectly fine with my family."
This just goes to prove that kids are quite capable of going after what they want, and learning what they need to know on their own terms. The best part of this to me, is that she has ownership of her own education. As a result she has become independent and has developed leadership abilities that most kids her age simply do not have. Bravo to her, and kudos to her parents who allowed her to explore and be who she wants to be.

(H/T Jackie O')