Monday, December 4, 2006

Where are Gullo, Olsen and Zigler When You Need Them?

Standardized testing for Kindergarteners!
In Texas they test 'em early, and test 'em often.
The San Antonio's Express-News headline read:
More kids repeating kindergarten
Here's an excerpt:
Texas public schools retained 11,684 kindergarteners, an average of 3.7 percent, statewide in 2004 — the most recent year for which data are available. Many local districts retained at much higher rates. North East, for example, held back 297 kindergarten students, or 7 percent.

How sad. Pushing babies to pass standardized tests -
and when they fail, label them and hold them back...
and parents are o.k. with this???
I guess it's the new version of Texas hold 'em.

Wiki says
"Gullo (1990) and Olsen and Zigler (1989) warn educators and parents to resist the pressure to include more didactic academic instruction in all-day kindergarten programs. They contend that this type of instruction is inappropriate for young children."

I couldn't agree more.