Monday, January 8, 2007

A Homeschool Education - Pricetag $47,000 Per Year

Individualized education is getting a lot of press lately.
This article, "1 Teacher, 1 Student" was recently in the Hartford Courant.

The model used at Oxford Academy, in Westbrook, looks like this:
"classes move individually, there are no set grade levels or even clear graduation dates, and students can enter at any point in the year."

"it's different when the class is just you and a teacher, when the only desk in the dorm-size classroom other than the teacher's is yours, when you're one of 48 students on campus. It's not quite so easy to hide in the back of the room and shrug off your F's."
Kids come to the Oxford Academy program principally because they weren't succeeding at their previous schools. The program runs largely on the premise that success for the students can be obtained, particularly through building confidence and adding structure to students' lives. Kids take responsibility for their own education. Readings are based on students' interests. How fast a student progresses depends primarily on his effort.

Sounds more than a bit like homeschooling to me! at a price tag of $47,000 a year! With room and board of course.

So my homeschooling friends, look at how much money you are saving by your homeschooling efforts! Rest assured you are offering your kids the same as what has the distinction "of being the world's most expensive school", and the finest education possible.