Sunday, January 14, 2007

Annie Get Your Stun Gun - Tasers Go Civilian - Just Choose Your Color

The Hartford Courant carried this article about the availability of personal taser devices.
Taser International's's new civilian stun gun looks more like an electric shaver than a weapon designed to level even the most drug-crazed maniac.

The C2 comes in several colors, including "titanium silver" and "metallic pink." The device will tuck neatly into a coat pocket or purse, and at $300 for the base model, it's relatively cheap.
This lovely little piece of personal protection packs 50,000 volts, and that worries some law enforcement officials. The C2 and other civilian models are effective up to 15 feet and are designed to "humble" an attacker for up to 30 seconds.
Such weapons are legal to own in Connecticut, but they cannot be carried on the person or in a vehicle, state police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance said. Even when kept in the home, Vance said, a weapon such as the C2 should be secured as a handgun would be.

Taser International, which plans to ship the C2 to customers in April, shares concerns about misuse of the weapon, company co-founder and President Tom Smith said. The company is overseeing background checks for the C2; checks for previous Taser civilian models were handled by dealers. People can buy the C2 in stores and online, but can only activate the weapon after the check shows they are over age 18 with no felony convictions.
It is reported that about 70% of Taser's civilian models have been purchased by middle-aged men, and the company is trying to reach a broader market with this C2 civilian model. The article says it is a perfect gift to a daughter going to college.
Law enforcement officers throughout the country have praised the Taser as an effective alternative to deadly force, but the weapons have been controversial. In New Britain in the past two years, two suspects who were hit with Tasers died soon afterward.

Tasers are being tested or used by about 9,800 law enforcement, military and correctional agencies in the U.S. and in 45 other countries, according to the company's website. About 115,000 civilian models have been shipped.

Police in many Connecticut towns and cities are armed with the devices. Vance said some state troopers in specialized units have Tasers, and the agency is issuing the weapons to troopers in the field. Training is being emphasized, he said.

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