Thursday, January 11, 2007

CT Secretary of State's Office Misuses Funds

Posted in the Bristol Press 1/10/07 was this article about how
a 20-foot-long blue and white banner appeared on the fence outside the Secretary of the State’s Office at 30 Trinity St, just in time for the inaugural parade.
The sign carried the state seal of Connecticut and the words "Congratulations Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz." It was positioned facing the street that was part of the parade route and was impossible to miss for those marching (including Bysiewicz) or anyone watching the event.

The congratulatory banner to the newly re-elected Democrat secretary of the state was put up by the state at what was going to be a cost of $800 in taxpayer money. It wasn’t removed until Tuesday evening, about three hours after a New Haven Register reporter began asking questions.

"It was my idea," Deputy Secretary of the State Lesley D. Mara said of the banner Tuesday. "We did use state money for it. ... I looked at it as an appropriate use of state money."
I think Mara ought to be fired if she thinks this is a good use of my hard earned tax dollar. She did it as a surprise for her boss and denied it was intended as a political advertisement for Bysiewicz, who has made no secret of her desire to someday run for governor. Mara thought it would be "good for morale." Well I have news for her, it isn't good for MY morale. I am tired of funding these stupid and wasteful things.
Not long after Mara said she thought the sign was an appropriate use of state money, Bysiewicz said, "As soon as we receive the bill, the sign will be paid for out of our citizenship awards fund."
So that's just as bad. Instead of taxpayer funds, Bysiewicz, wants to use voluntary contributions from businesses and individuals which is supposed to be used as money for public service awards to poll workers and others who have made outstanding contributions as citizens.

Both of them ought to be ashamed of themselves, and should pay the $800 for that banner out of their own pockets. It should not be paid for by our tax money nor by donated funds, like the Citizenship awards fund, meant for other purposes.