Thursday, January 4, 2007

Good News for Nebraskan Couch Potatoes

Omaha is banning sledding at the Zorinsky and Cunningham Lake dams, which are both popular sledding spots. It is also banning ice skating and ice fishing on frozen ponds and lagoons in city parks. The move is in response to a court decision that resulted in public entities being liable for injuries that occur at public parks and other recreation facilities.

You can read the article here, but you have to register(free). Or read this similar one.
The new restrictions were recently crafted after the state Supreme Court ruled in September that a Utah woman could sue Dawes County for damages after she stepped in a hole and broke her ankle at Fur Trade Days on the courthouse lawn in 2002.
Twenty-five years of case law tumbled down, opening the door for Nebraska governmental entities to be sued by people injured while using public property for free recreational events.
You know it is pretty shameful that these liabilities are now preventing people/kids from going out and having a great time on public land that our taxes help maintain. Kids aren't even allowed to play tag or dodge ball in certain school yards.

I agree with this blogger's opinion on the issue:
I really would hate to be a kid in this day and age. I feel sorry for them. No real freedom. No room to explore. No feelings get hurt. No winners or losers. Just a bunch of ignorant PC adults watching over them to make sure they don’t get a scratch or dent or ding or their feelings hurt. We’re building a nation of wussies, in my humble opinion.
And then they wonder why this generation of kids is overweight.. just hand 'em an IPod and tell them to go sit in the corner quietly.. (nah.. they don't even have to read a book anymore).. sheesh..

Update: CT has proposed legislation
Proposed H.B. No. 5176 REP. BELDEN, 113th DIST. 'AN ACT CONCERNING STATE AND MUNICIPAL LIABILITY FOR INJURIES ON OPEN SPACE LAND', to prevent the state or towns from being held liable for injuries occurring on park or open space land.