Friday, January 19, 2007

In A Related Story - Privacy Piracy Cont'd

More on Government data mining from CT.
Action Sought To Shield Kids From Marketers
A state agency report has recommended that lawmakers create a registry to shield youngsters from the marketing of illegal or illicit products, despite a constitutional challenge to a similar Utah database.

The Department of Consumer Protection said a registry of "contact points" used by children - such as e-mail addresses, cellphone, pager and fax numbers - would help prevent illicit or illegal products and services from being marketed to minors.
Yes, so let's give our teenagers e-mail addresses, cellphone numbers and pager numbers to a state agency so they can be placed on a "Do Not Call" list. Apparently Michigan, in addition to Utah, has such a registry.

I can see people who spam pornography and other unsavory messages will make every attempt to make sure that they don't send nasty stuff to these contacts. Sure.

Our Governor believes we have an obligation to protect minors from commercial messages that are inappropriate to their age as well as commercial messages that solicit them to buy items that they are already precluded by law from buying - like pornography, illegal drugs, firearms and other weapons. Somehow they think that a registry can be created which insures the privacy of both registrants and senders while providing real benefits to law enforcement. There is a process called "scrubbing" that is done to the solicitors' lists before they can be used.

Well, call me skeptical.. but in the end I don't think the government or solicitors should have contact information for our teens. My 15 year old daughter says the best way to combat spam is to use the delete key.