Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pudgy PreSchoolers

fat kid
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This study by the American Journal of Public Health claims that too many kids are too fat by preschool.

Overall they found 17% of the kids studied/tracked were obese, with a study group comprised of 2,000 3-year-olds which were studied/tracked from birth and born to low-income families in 20 large U.S. cities. 32% of the white and black children studied/tracked were either overweight or obese, vs. 44% of the Hispanics so they are most at risk for health problems based on their obesity at such a young age.
"These children are already disadvantaged because their families are poor, and by age 3 they are on track for a lifetime of health problems related to obesity," said lead researcher Rachel Kimbro of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Researchers were having trouble finding out what the major disparities were between ethnic groups. Poverty was a factor, but they seem to think that a major contributor was whether or not kids still used a bottle at the "stunning age of 3". This statement leads me to wonder how many of their test subjects were breastfed.

Overall their finding supports other research that "one of the most common causes of overweight in children is overfeeding," said Dr. Philip Nader, a pediatrician and professor emeritus at the University of California at San Diego.

Ok... so these researchers needed a huge study to tell them that if you feed a kid too much he'll get fat? I don't have a fancy degree and I could have told them that!
Can you imagine having your kids studied and tracked for 3 years for them to come up with this common sense conclusion?

Now the big question is what kind of stupid public policy is going to be developed with these findings? Perhaps they determine that sending your child to bed with a bottle is child neglect. Perhaps they will mandate that you cannot bottle feed them after a certain age. Perhaps this will spur the development of lowfat/fat free, "calorie conscious" formulas that will be subsidized and doled out in hospital birthing centers. Yup, I can see it now baby formula with aspartame, or Splenda or some other toxic garbage for babies to ingest. Then let's see how many more brain and nervous system damaged kids we'll have.

Yup - kids are getting less exercise, less fresh air, less good food, less clean water, and less real play time.... No wonder they are obese. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what some of the causes are.