Friday, January 5, 2007

What Is Your Homeschooling Teen Up To?

Great stuff I am sure !
The Link has a nice article about homeschooling teens by Erin Chianese and contains a sampling of what some are doing:
Leif is nineteen, attending UC Berkeley in their Electrical Engineering/Computer Sciences Department. This fall he is studying abroad in Spain for a semester. He is interested in languages (attempting Hebrew now), and in hiking, ultra-light backpacking, and traveling frugally.

Alison is twenty and works at OSH Hardware, filling several different positions there. She stopped going to community college because “I felt like I wasn’t learning and progressing to where I want to go.” She had the idea she would like to be a teacher ever since playing “school” when she was a youngster. But, after taking Child Development classes, she decided teaching was not for her. She may return to explore other fields.

Burns is an entrepreneur at eighteen. He is an independent contractor, working on his first professional title as a Video Game Development Artist. He designs art and textures with 3D modeling.

Celeste, at eighteen, is entering the University of Oklahoma in the fall, double-majoring in dance and art history. She attends community college, two dance studios, and has a job teaching dance to four-year-olds.

Daniel is seventeen, attending community college while finishing high school at home, with the aspiration of becoming a heart surgeon. He looks forward to soon becoming an Eagle Scout and he enjoys outdoor recreational activities like hiking and backpacking. He also has had a passion for cars ever since he was young.

Mona, the youngest interviewee at sixteen, attended high school for one year this past year and will be attending community college in the fall. She wants to be a writer. She has many interests including photography, graphic arts, cosmetology, and dance.
As for my own homeschooled kids.. My 23 year old just got a new job, as a Transportation Analyst, with Wilbur Smith in New Haven (yes, he finally moved off Cape Cod and has a new apartment back here in CT!)- My 19 year old (and an Eagle Scout) is attending Wentworth Institute of Technology where he is studying Computer Networking, and my electric guitar playing 15 year old will be starting classes at Tunxis Community College in two weeks to complement her homeschool high school studies, which she is pursuing at home through American School. Oh, and the homeschool ski club that she belongs to starts today! (but where's the snow?)

Homeschool Teens Rock !