Sunday, January 7, 2007

Who Represents Homeschoolers in Washington, DC?

Ideally, no one should, since education issues are really issues that should be left up to each state.. (sigh) .. but since our Federal Government is unconstitutionally meddling in affairs of education, and now in the affairs of homeschoolers...
I ran across a nifty letter that you can draft to your newly elected Congressional delegation. I want to thank those who have come up with the initiative to communicate with our Representatives to let them know that we are a diverse bunch, and that no one group speaks for us. I made a few changes to their letter and came up with my own version:
Dear [Mr/Ms Politician],

Congratulations on your [re]election to the [Senate or House of Representatives]!

As a homeschooling family, we’d like to thank you for your public service and to welcome you [back] to Washington,DC.

Sometime in the course of your career in the [Senate or House of Representatives], you will no doubt hear legislation presented on behalf of "American homeschoolers." We'd like to take this opportunity to let you know that we are a diverse group, representing all religious beliefs,races and ethnic groups, and economic levels. We range across the political spectrum. Not all legislation claiming to be helpful to homeschoolers is what it seems, and in fact homeschooling legislation should not be considered at the federal level at all! Please read the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution to recall that Education is a matter left up to each state to deal with.

If you hear someone claiming to speak for all homeschoolers, please keep in mind that they may not have asked me what I think, and that I have not asked them to speak for me. No one group represents homeschoolers, so please do not take the advisement of any particular homeschooling organization regarding legislative matters, especially as it relates to federal legislation.

My advice and sincere request to you is that if you have homeschooling language, or a homeschool issue before you, please reject it because homeschoolers do not receive federal monies and are also not subject to federal regulation according to the US Constitution. Any issues that homeschoolers face should be dealt with in their own state legislatures, not in Washington, DC.

[Your Name]
[Kids should sign their own names - it's endearing from the little ones, and empowering for older kids.]
I encourage all of you homeschoolers out there to write to your Congressional Representatives and let them know how you feel on lots of issues, but just remember that homeschooling should not be one of them. They do not have the power or authority to legislate homeschooling, or anything having to do with education for that matter, so let's not give that power to them. It's one thing to say that no one group represents homeschoolers in Washington, DC, but more critical and to the point to remind them that they shouldn't be legislating homeschoolers at the federal level at all ! (U.S. Constitution)

This website will make your communication with your Congressional delegation easier as well, since all you have to do is plug in your zip code and it prompts you to do the rest. No muss, no fuss, not even a stamp is required.

Update: I have just sent out my letters to CT Senators Dodd and Lieberman, as well as CT Congressman Larson. I'll let you know when and what I hear back from them.