Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bank of America Aiding and Abetting Illegal Aliens

According to Money News, Bank of America has started offering credit cards to customers without Social Security numbers or credit history, i.e. illegal aliens.

Apparently customers can qualify for a credit card if they have had a checking account at the bank for at least three months without an overdraft, and they are required to leave a deposit and pay a relatively high interest rate. Looks like they are taking advantage of those people living under the radar, eh? That in itself is unethical to me. Never mind aiding and abetting criminal activity; i.e. being here illegally. How banks could be allowed to issue bank accounts to illegals in the first place is another one I can't understand. Do they really need the business that badly?

Bank of America says it will help undocumented workers build good credit. They don't need good credit - they need to be deported for crying out loud!!! They are breaking the law. I don't believe that one of this country's largest financial institutions should be helping people who violate our country's immigration laws!!

But we all know money is the driver here, and they see $$$$ in people who are here illegally.

I think the federal government ought to fine Bank of America big time. They are no different than other businesses that hire illegal aliens under the table. But then again we all know that the underlying reason why our borders are not being protected is because we are truly headed towards becoming the North American Union. It'll happen unless we stop it; unless we say no to businesses like BoA, and unless we support candidates like Ron Paul who are against the destruction of our sovereignty.

I am urging everyone to cancel their Bank of America credit cards and bank accounts and vote with their feet. Call BoA's customer service lines and tell them you disapprove of them aiding and abetting those who are here illegally. Undocumented immigrants is just a nice little euphemism ... they are lawbreakers pure and simple.

And for the record, I am not anti-immigrant.. I am anti ILLEGAL immigrant. They can follow the laws and stand in line like my family did.


Anonymous said...

Ask not what your country can do for you... Ask what your country can do for Mexico!

Chris said...

well said.

Kathy F. said...

We have one credit card, and unfortunately it is with Bank of America. We will be closing that card out on Monday, with an accompanying letter stating that since they are actively courting the business of illegal aliens, then obviously they do not need the business of legal Americans.

Anonymous said...

what would be so wrong with the North American Union? Considering that the laws and constitutions of Canda and the USA are very similar you're life individually would probably not change at all. However, the lives of those living in Mexico would be greatly improved, and many would be saved from death as a result of their impoverished conditions. Are you so arrogant that you can't sacrifice the name of the country that you live in for the lives and quality of life of millions of other people? Or are you just somehow better than them because you had the good luck to be born in America?

Anonymous said...

Which banks to patronize if you want to avoid
supporting illegal immigration?

As this website points out, Wells Fargo and Citibank offer home loans and bank accounts to illegal immigrants. Bank of America doesn’t give home mortgages but it does open accounts and offer credit cards.

Judy Aron said...

Feb 24 Anonymous.. there is so much fundamentally wrong with your comments. You obviously do not have a firm grasp about why this country was formed in the first place, or why it has been so successful.

The laws and constitutions of Canada and Mexico are vastly different than ours. You have really got to be joking to say they are the similar. Additionally, my life will not be the same. Our standard of living will plummet as we strive to subsidize Mexico's failed social and economic policies. As for those living in Mexico - I couldn't care a whit how they live.. if they have problems they can take it up with their own government and stay out of mine. Their impoverished conditions are not my problem, they are the problem of their own leaders. If you want to help them fix that, go live there and help them fight for their rights. They shouldn't be coming here illegally and protesting in our streets - they ought to stay home and protest in their own streets! Why should we fix their problems? Haven't we gotten ourselves in enough trouble because of foreign entanglements as it is?

I am not arrogant, (thanks for the name calling which is really not necessary in civil discourse) but what I am is sure that our system has worked and remaining sovereign is what our founder's intended.

Mexicans can study our history and copy what we have done to get where we are - they do not need to merge with us and sponge off our hard work and efforts, especially being added to our welfare rolls and social security system.

US Sovereignty is crucial and if you don't understand why then I suggest that you do some serious reading on the foundation of our country and the concepts of liberty, individual responsibility and why we even have citizenship.