Tuesday, February 20, 2007

CT: HPV Mandatory Vaccine - Public Health Committee Hearing Tomorrow

On February 21 at 10: 00 A. M. there will be a public hearing in Room 1D at the CT Legislative Office Building in Hartford regarding HB 6977 the bill which will make the HPV vaccine mandatory for girls entering sixth grade here in CT. SB 86 is also on the docket.

If you live in CT please help stop this legislation by writing to legislators on the public health committee or planning to testify at the public hearing.

Public Health Committee contact:
Phone: 860-240-0560
Fax: 860-240-5306

If you haven't already, please read my first post about it and my second post about it.


Cecilia said...

This posting is very dangerous. The HPV vaccine has been proven to be both safe and very effective in preventing up to 70% of all cases ot cervical cancer. If you believe that giving the vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease is wrong, you are very wrong: the HPV can be transmitted to that little girl by her husband several years from now.

Judy Aron said...

Cecilia you are sadly mistaken..this vaccine is not at all safe.

"As more parents report that their young girls are suffering disabling reactions to GARDASIL (see a video clip of the WUSA-TV coverage), doctors determined to coverup HPV vaccine risks are giving out inaccurate information (see video clip of a FOX News story ) while public health officials defending vaccine safety write books and parents want more information and choices.

All Americans deserve the right to be fully informed about the risks associated with any pharmaceutical products or medical procedure and be allowed to make a voluntary decision about taking that risk with their own life or the life of their child. The right to informed consent to medical risk taking is a human right."

"Christina Bell says 2 weeks after her 12 year old daughter Brittany was injected with the HPV vaccine, "she was walking through my house and collapsed. She told me, she couldn't feel her leg." Today, this once athletic girl has a hard time getting around and often loses her balance. Jessica Vega of Nevada got the shot at school and became temporarily paralyzed. Jamie Venice of Florida passed out and had a seizure after her Gardasil shot. "I don't think this should have been fast-tracked by the FDA," says Barbara Loe Fisher with the National Vaccine Information Center. She says Merck, the manufacturer of the drug managed to get Gardasil approved and to market, after studying the side-effects in just 12- hundred girls. What was their incentive? "It certainly is money because the bottom line for their stock holders is a profit," she says. She claims Merck has taken in an estimated 1.5 billion dollars world-wide from Gardasil sales, all for a vaccine she says may do more harm than good. She says doctors share in the blame. "I think pediatricians need to pay more attention to the patient that's sitting in front of them, rather than thinking they need to implement government policy or promote a new vaccine that a drug company rep has come in and promoted to them."The debate over the HPV vaccine rages on in Virginia after it became the first state in the country to mandate the vaccine for sixth grade girls, albeit with an opt-out provision. Those requirements have been delayed for at least one year to allow more time to study the vaccine's effects on young girls." - Nancy Yamada, WUSA-TV9 (July 7, 2008) http://www.wusa9.com/rss/local_article.aspx?storyid=73698

More here: http://vaccineawakening.blogspot.com/

This drug is being marketed to our young girls without any strong knowledge of it's effects - furthermore that it is being given to the poor through Medicaid programs is also very disturbing.

We do not have an HPV epidemic - and yet this drug is being pushed on everyone even boys. Why? for greed. Period. And young girls are dying and being made very sick from it. Do YOU condone that?