Thursday, February 15, 2007

CT Legislators and Attorney General Aiding And Abetting Illegal Aliens

After the illegal alien gets his credit card from Bank of America, he'll be able to pay a reduced rate (subsidized by taxpayers in this state) to attend college! It really pays to be illegal here in CT!

Subsidizing lawbreakers, now there's a concept! Can you believe that our Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, supports it? What's wrong with THAT picture? Fancy that! We have an AG that supports illegal activities! "Regardless, Blumenthal said, the price would be fully justified, calling it an investment that will repay itself many times over." Yup - it's an investment for him all right.. those folks will most likely be illegally voting for him in the next election too!

Maybe our legislators would like taxpayers to pay for their Spring break trip to Fort Lauderdale as well? I think we have had enough of the stories where $140,000 in free tuition was given courtesy of the Connecticut taxpayer in order to send one illegal alien to college (that story came out of DCF ). Gee whiz, I sure wish all my kids had to pay was $500 a semester!

A bill (HB5329) before the CT state legislature requires illegal alien students to have attended two years of high school in state and to have graduated from an in-state school. To get in-state tuition, those students must file an affidavit with the school they will attend stating they have applied for legal immigration status or will apply if they become eligible. Yeah, and who pray tell, will be checking up to see if they have lived up to their promise? Their parents ought to be forced to file for citizenship as well.

There's another bill (HB5656) which seeks to require the Department of Children and Families to provide college tuition and costs to "undocumented immigrants" (excuse me they are illegal aliens) who are committed to the care and custody of the Department of Children and Families in an amount equivalent to the in-state tuition and costs associated with attending The University of Connecticut. Unbelievable! So kids here illegally and under DCF custody get a free ride! This is precisely one of the reasons why our taxes are increasing again. I am struggling to pay for my kids to go to school, and on top of that I am paying for some illegal alien too!

Supporters say that "every child deserves the chance to go to college" and "we shouldn't penalize children for the decisions of their parents." I am sorry, but
when people decide that our laws don't mean a rat's tail to them, and they jump the fence to get here, then they don't deserve anything, especially my tax dollar. What this amounts to is rewarding law breakers with cheaper college educations while my family struggles to pay taxes AND send our own kids to college. Why should I subsidize these kids' college tuition? If their parents came here illegally, they say it isn't their fault. Well I don't see these kids lining up to be citizens of this country .. do you? I don't care if they are class valedictorian in their high school, they and their family have broken the law. Why should they be above the law? Because they are nice and well spoken? Because we should feel sorry for them? No dice.. I don't wish to reward law breakers.

Legislators are choosing to ignore the word illegal when attached to the word alien, and allow the taxpayer to foot the bill for any and all expenses incurred by people who are obviously and clearly breaking Federal law. Additionally they are intentionally confusing illegal immigration with legal immigration to say that anyone who questions "helping" illegals are anti-immigrant, which is the furthest from the truth. Attaching the euphemistic term "undocumented" to purposeful lawbreakers does not make the reality of their breaking the law any less true.

And pardon me, but you cannot compare our parents and grandparents immigration with the invasion that has been happening on our borders, and to do so is absolutely outrageous, historically incorrect, and incredibly insulting to any immigrant who came here legally. This is a slap in the face to every naturalized citizen in this country. It is a slap in the face to the taxpayer, and it is a clarion call for more illegals to come to CT.

Oh and by the way, as I understand Federal law, if you give illegal aliens in-state tuition breaks you have to give the same breaks to everyone!

Connecticut - Estimated number of illegal immigrants

1990 - 20,000
2004 - 80,000

increase of 300%

The state is home to an estimated 0.8% of the country's illegal immigrants.

Research by the non-profit Pew Hispanic center
US illegal immigrants
3.5 million - 1990
10 million today

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