Sunday, February 4, 2007

CT News - LOB Gate

Yesiree... We have our own little mini-Watergate here in CT.

Two male Democrat aides from the government administration and elections committee were caught on videotape ransacking a female Republican aide's desk in the Legislative Office Building.

See the TV news report here.

The video from the Legislative Office Building surveillance cameras showed 6 minutes of one of the aides ransacking Juliannna Simone's desk.

The Hartford Courant's report about this despicable behavior stated that the aides, Rick Lopes and Stephen Palmer, will not face criminal charges, though one was suspended and another will be reassigned. So What! Big Deal! A slap on the wrist.

I think this is atrocious. The fact that my tax dollars are paying for this type of "work ethic" is very disappointing. If anything, this woman that these two men have targeted has been harassed enough and her personal work space was violated. The Democrat leadership is calling this a "prank", but I will wager that if the tables were turned they would be calling for immediate dismissal of the aides, and otherwise screaming bloody murder. I am glad that House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr.(R) is not letting this slide.

I'd like to know where the women's groups are to complain about this blatant workplace harassment. I'll tell you one thing, I hope that Ms. Simone presses charges. I don't care about party affiliation, what those two men did was extremely wrong and they should both be fired.