Wednesday, February 14, 2007

CT - Tax Revolt !!

Welcome to the Tea Party!
Brad Davis on WDRC is helping spearhead a tax revolt in CT. Governor Rell's new budget features a hike in the income tax in CT and people are pretty angry about it. (See previous post)

from the Journal Inquirer:
She (Gov. Rell) proposes that the personal income tax rate should rise half a percent across the board over two years.

The maximum 5 percent rate would climb to 5.25 percent in the first year and to 5.5 percent in the second.

Half a percent doesn't sound that bad. Especially for all Rell wants to do.

But here are the scary numbers: Spending will increase 6.7 percent in the first year of the budget and 4.7 percent in the second year.

Again, we have a disconnect. Taxes are going up 10 percent. But spending is going up 11.4 percent. Rell exceeds the constitutional spending cap but says she respects it and will uphold it.

Our government is growing faster than our capacity to pay for it.
Well CT, if you feel so inclined write your legislators and send them a copy of the teabag (shown above or on WDRC's webpage) in your email or in a letter to them. Let them know how you feel about the attempt to take more money out of your paycheck!

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