Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Decent Ruling By CT Supreme Court

The CT state Supreme Court boosted the CT state legislature's efforts in recent years to further criminalize sexual relations between school employees and students. The justices ruled that sexual acts between individuals who are situated in an inherently coercive relationship, such as the "teacher-student relationship" are not guaranteed the right of sexual privacy, and so Connecticut laws prohibiting such conduct don't infringe on one's constitutional "right to privacy".

It is good news that teachers taking advantage of their position of power over young impressionable teens can and will be punished for such obvious inappropriate behavior.

The fact that the two teachers are claiming that they did nothing wrong to their 16 year old students is pretty outrageous. Hiding behind privacy laws for the purpose of having sex with these kids is absolutely reprehensible. As for the students who claim they did not do something they didn't want to do... perhaps they ought to have some serious lessons in "good judgement". There are certainly more respectable ways to earn an "A".