Friday, February 2, 2007

Homeschooling Is Not Just For Kids

I'll bet you thought that now that I am almost done with home educating my three kids that I can just kick back and relax. Hah!
No such thing happens at the Aron house!
I'll let you in on a secret.

My mother left high school in the middle of her senior year. It was something she has always regretted, but it was war time and she fell in love. In any case, last year after she was declared legally blind because of macular degeneration in both eyes, she decided that she wanted to work on completing her high school degree and get a diploma. So I am helping her.

I got a copy of her high school transcript from 1941; (yup, they had her records from that far back!) and I sent it off to the same umbrella school that my kids have used (American School). They pointed me into the direction of the Hadley School For The Blind in IL.

I contacted Hadley and I was able have my mom's transcript evaluated to see what she'd need to complete her degree. She needed a half dozen courses and we enrolled right away. They were kind enough to waive the required course, "Planning Your Career", and she is relieved that there are no gym classes. The courses are free, as the school is funded entirely by private donations.

My mom is thrilled. I read her the material from her large print textbooks provided by Hadley, and we work through the review sections and the tests. For her tests, I read her the questions and I transcribe her answers and email them to her instructor. She has already completed her English course obtaining an A and is almost finished with her American History: Post War War 2 course. She has an A average in that course as well. She still has some English, Mathematics and Science Courses to take. I am so proud of her, but more importantly she is so proud of her achievements.

My mom and dad raised three children, and along the way my mom held various jobs and did lots of volunteer work. She was a housewife while we were growing up, and managed all aspects of our home quite well. She is extremely well read. For the longest time I didn't even know that she dropped out of high school. Mom is 82 years young and resides at a convalescent home because of some health issues. She is 10 minutes from my house. I see her everyday and we work on her lessons. The administration of the facility that she lives in cannot wait to have a huge graduation party for my mom. Neither can I!
It'll certainly be a first for my mom as well as for them!