Friday, February 16, 2007

Just Passing This Along - Re: Zyprexa

As I always say: "Caveat Emptor"
It is important to be an informed consumer especially when it comes to our health.
Medical Science has given us lots of wonderful things which have made our lives better.
There are of course good products in our pharmacies and there are also some pretty questionable products lurking there as well.
Our doctors are not gods and they do not know everything.
They certainly may mean well, but I believe a lot of information is lacking from them to the average consumer of medication.
They merely pass along what the drug company marketing reps tell them.
But things are not as simple as. "take this pill, and by the way there may be some side effects". Sometimes those side effects can be devastating and irreversible.

What I object to most is that our population is beginning to be the guinea pig laboratory for too many products coming out of Big Pharma, and the FDC is not doing the job that it was meant to do, especially when it comes to drugs. We wouldn't have disasters like Vioxx if they did.

Regarding Zyprexa, a drug that is supposed to treat "mental illnesses", I believe there are some things that people ought to know. I came across these websites and thought that I'd share them with you.

So I am exercising my freedom of speech and freedom of the press and providing links to a few websites if you are interested. There was an attempt to block the sharing of this information. There are many other websites with this information out on the Internet as well. Read on if you are interested in following up on the article that was in the New York Times: "Lilly Settles With 18,000 Over Zyprexa" (Jan 5, 2007), which reported on the ongoing product liability lawsuit against Eli Lilly regarding Zyprexa.

Furious Seasons - has some documents and links regarding the fact that Eli Lilly knew the drug caused weight gain and diabetes.

Zyprexa Kills - has more information on the facts behind this medication

Mind Freedom
- They write about how making information regarding Zyprexa is an expression of their right to free speech. They are actively warning consumers.

Important article by Evelyn Pringle, Zyprexa Injury Clock Keeps Ticking Away.

Alliance of Human Research Blogsite also has some great posts on the issue.

If you live in Connecticut, below is the contact in the CT Attorney General's office who you can contact to report adverse effects of psychiatric drugs which you, or your children, or anyone else in your family have experienced.

Assistant Attorney General Charles Hulin
He can be reached at 860-808-5355.
His address is 55 Elm Street PO Box 120 Hartford CT 06141-1020.