Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kenosha Wisconsin Crushes TeenScreen !

Kenosha Unified School District has decided to pull TeenScreen from the agenda and will no longer be considering this program. A full press release is expected tomorrow. Many thanks to Kenosha Parent's Union (KPU) members, school board members, friends and family, the daily Kenoshan, and of course Lenny Palmer, Wisconsin radio show host who has been an avid opponent of TeenScreen from the start and who has been blasting TeenScreen almost daily, and Lisa Loring, a caring mother, reporter, investigator and the driving force behind the TeenScreen opposition in Kenosha!!!

Lenny Palmer is the radio show host for AM 1050 WLIP 8am - 11am "The only radio program devoted exclusively to issues that matter to Kenosha. Lenny puts his unique spin on local and national events and takes on callers who often disagree with his entertaining point of view. "Lenny!" Is the only program devoted exclusively to the issues that matter to 'Kenoshans'."

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