Saturday, February 17, 2007

Welcome A New Blog ! The Capitalist League

The Capitalist League.
First post:
We believe that capitalism is the best form of economic organization. In a nutshell, capitalism is the distribution of resources by private means, with individuals deciding how, when and with whom to trade. The great power of capitalism is that it turns our desire for self-improvement from a greedy vice into a force for production. The harder we work, the greater the reward. And as we work, we increase the standard of living for everyone else. We start industries that employ people. We invent new products, like penicillin, the washing machine, and indoor plumbing. Our activities are made more efficient, giving us more time for leisure, enterprise, and intellectual pursuits. We develop new ideas and new philosophies, art and music, and culture. And our prosperity shines as an example to others, lighting the path to freedom and happiness. Hence our motto "Freedom, Progress and Happiness through Capitalism." This site is dedicated to the advancement of Capitalist principles and ideals.
Read more from this wonderful and intelligent Boston University graduate. Go Terriers!