Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Canadians Don't Want The North American Union Either !

Canadians are fighting for their sovereignty as well. They do not want to see themselves merged into a "North American Union". Their term for it is "Deep Integration".

This website, Vive le Canada, has launched a red and white ribbon campaign.

NO Deep integration!

They say,
"Red and white were chosen because they are the colours of the Canadian flag. Since the U.S. flag is red, white and blue, wearing a ribbon which is red and white symbolizes a commitment to Canadian sovereignty. There is no blue on this ribbon."
Another website is The Council of Canadians (you gotta check that out!), and they have a whole list of actions they want Canadians to take in order to protest "Deep Integration".

Here is some of the things they are saying:
* Join a local chapter of The Council of Canadians.
* Read and distribute our materials.
* Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
* Donate to The Council of Canadians.
* Tell a friend about the Council's website
* Send a postcard to the PM!

The Canada Free Press has also done a number of articles about it.
This one explains what it is all about.
This one talks about the flood of Mexicans into the US.
Here is another article, which reports Canadian protesters were flying the Canadian flag upside down.
Connie Fogal, the leader of the Canadian Action Party said "we are opposed to the plan to develop the Security and Prosperity Partnership into a EU-style North American Union government" which "amounts to treason and is a total violation of the constitutional rights of Canadian citizens."
I am glad to hear that Canadians are as angry about this initiative as many Americans are. Obviously we both have much to lose and there is a lot at stake here. Write to your Congressman. Tell your family, friends and neighbors.