Thursday, March 29, 2007

In The UK - Authorities Will be Checking The Prams For Criminals - Beware, This Can Happen Here Too!

It's bad enough that the UK has a national curriculum for babies, now there is a news item, Children could be monitored for signs of criminal behaviour, which is even more disturbing. The government wants to monitor kids all along their developmental path and check them for emerging signs of criminality. The kids could face compulsory checks to discover if they are at risk of turning into criminals.

This controversial proposal came as part of a wide-ranging review of crime and security policy published by 10 Downing Street. What are these people thinking?

This is what England's brand of Democratic Socialism is spawning, and it is clear that the United States has also been marching toward this path with state legislatures proposing and adopting all kinds of crazy laws. One only has to look at the proposed legislation in Illinois and New Jersey requiring mandatory mental health screenings and all kinds of other government intrusions, as well as states setting up DNA databases and requiring DNA samples of newborns. Ohio has even instituted guidelines for newborns and toddlers through their "Help Me Grow" initiatives . Why, we even have programs like KidTrax already here. Kidtrax website is here. And Here's more.

Other proposals set out in the UK policy review included:

• Extending the police's ability to seize non-cash assets from criminals, such as plasma screen televisions, jewellery and laptop computers;
• Encouraging businesses to make their products "crime proof", such as introducing fingerprint activation on MP3 players such as iPods, because the devices are partly behind a rise in street crime;
• Placing restrictions on prolific criminals after they are released from prison, which would lead to up to three years in jail if breached;
• Developing technology could also lead to the introduction of "crowd scanners" able to detect bombs, and the use of "automatic facial recognition" to spot criminals on CCTV images.

The UK review also appeared to advocate further expansion of the DNA database when it suggested including "all suspected offenders who come into contact with the police".
Currently anyone arrested for a recordable offense in England and Wales must give a DNA sample - which remains on record even if they are not charged, or are acquitted.

One person who commented on the article in the Daily mail said:
"Under a socialist system, even children are suspects and potential enemies of the state. No doubt they'll be arresting babies in their prams for having a criminal look about them."
So what does a kid who may some day turn into a criminal look like? I'll bet some of the most heinous criminals in history were normal looking/acting kids.
This whole screening and tracking mentality that is emerging is absolutely ridiculous and entirely dangerous. One only has to wonder what young lives will be ruined by this and perhaps may even make kids angry enough to turn to a life of criminality.

A wonderful site to keep up on UK news and government control shenanigans is Blogdial.. give them a visit or two.