Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Let's Put A Ban On Banning Things

Legislators need to get a life already.
Everyday I read some other idiotic article about something or other being banned.
I won't even mention the usual gun bans and fur bans or even the banning of pit bulls, but honestly it is getting to be a "ban fest" on this planet....

Banning Booing at sports games

Banning Trans Fats

Banning smoking in your own vehicle if children are present

Banning provocative mudflaps on trucks and vehicles

Banning journalists from reporting violence

Banning electronic distractions in legislatures

Banning Lithium batteries on airplanes

Banning McDonalds in the UK

Banning karaoke in bars

Banning dressing like Jesus

Banning skinny models

Banning listening to IPods while crossing the street

Banning texting messages while driving

Banning smoking in condominiums

Banning smoking in casinos

Banning the Hell's Angels

and the ever popular all encompassing smoking ban

I can't serve wine to my kids at home (as if anyone is checking), I can't talk on my cell phone in my car (although CT legislators have been caught doing so), I can't buy lye in the supermarket (although I do have my sources when I am making soap) and a teenager can't buy a coke from a vending machine in my local school (but the teenage girl can get an abortion without parental consent!).

So what's your legislature banning this session?
Does anyone recall the concept of liberty?


Susan said...

Illinois Senator Cullerton wants to ban smoking in IL, but also introduced a marijuana medication bill with the max of 12 plants (3 pounds, as I understood it). He kept emphasizing that he "doesn't know much about marijuana" yesterday, but I learned a lot from that hearing about marijuana production. A Senator asked how he could reconcile a ban smoking bill with the marijuana bill.
He muttered something about being 'free' to smoke in your home. Then remembered, with relief, that marijuana brownies were his salvation.
The crazier part (believe it or not) is that there is already a law on the books for medical use of marijuana. Senator Cullerton likes his bill better. The previous law was introduced by Republicans.
Illinois is being deluged this session with ban bills. Every time I go to the Capitol, I am amazed at what I often hear from our elected officials. Just amazed and much too often; appalled in the final word, their votes.

Matt & Theresa said...

That's why our Legislature is a part-time job. It should be practiced! The less time they spend at the Captial, the less toilet paper legislation gets passed.

Dana said...

just a statewide smoking ban that I'm aware of at the moment.

And something interesting about NCLB but I doubt it gets very far. One can dream, however.


I have to take acception to your anti-ban campaign. We have one more thing to ban before we ban banning. Ban the stupid voters who continue to elect these Republicans and Democrats that continue to run over us. When will America wake up to the fact that a politician will tell you anything to get elected and then do whatever they want once in office. How about a third party like the Libertarians. Now those folks are in favor of banning banning. Wake up America - you're headed off the cliff.

Chuck Ingersoll
St. Charles, IL

Judy Aron said...

oh Chuck - LOL - ban voters? yeah it would be nice if voters had to take some sort of civics test before being able to vote, to at least demonstrate some sort of intelligence of the issues or candidates. LOL

In all seriousness, you should really consider that many people are registered non-affiliated, and that could be a good opportunity and advantageous for a third party like the Libertarians. They really need to get their word out about smaller government and liberty, and they have to start to choose better - more "electable" candidates to challenge the 2 party big machine that is out there.
Thanks for stopping by!

Dana said...

No test...that has proven problematic in the past. Just an empty ballot. If people at least know the name of the person they are voting for rather than the current multiple choice format, maybe it would be a bit better. Make everyone a write in candidate.