Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Let's Put A Ban On Banning Things

Legislators need to get a life already.
Everyday I read some other idiotic article about something or other being banned.
I won't even mention the usual gun bans and fur bans or even the banning of pit bulls, but honestly it is getting to be a "ban fest" on this planet....

Banning Booing at sports games

Banning Trans Fats

Banning smoking in your own vehicle if children are present

Banning provocative mudflaps on trucks and vehicles

Banning journalists from reporting violence

Banning electronic distractions in legislatures

Banning Lithium batteries on airplanes

Banning McDonalds in the UK

Banning karaoke in bars

Banning dressing like Jesus

Banning skinny models

Banning listening to IPods while crossing the street

Banning texting messages while driving

Banning smoking in condominiums

Banning smoking in casinos

Banning the Hell's Angels

and the ever popular all encompassing smoking ban

I can't serve wine to my kids at home (as if anyone is checking), I can't talk on my cell phone in my car (although CT legislators have been caught doing so), I can't buy lye in the supermarket (although I do have my sources when I am making soap) and a teenager can't buy a coke from a vending machine in my local school (but the teenage girl can get an abortion without parental consent!).

So what's your legislature banning this session?
Does anyone recall the concept of liberty?