Monday, March 19, 2007

North American Union - Mexican Trucks Coming To The US In April

Here is an excellent paper to answer your questions about the coming of the North American Union, otherwise known by some as Mexicamericanada. Please take the time to print it out and read it.

You may or may not know about the latest move in the initiative. There was this report and another one which tells how and when Mexican trucks will be able to cross our borders in April.
U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary E. Peters went to El Paso to make the announcement that for the first time, starting in April, 100 Mexican trucking companies will be allowed to make deliveries anywhere in the United States, and she put no limit on the number of trucks the 100 companies can operate. This is a major step toward Bush's vision of a North American community.

U.S. truck drivers must meet strict requirements that include enforcement of hours, regular physicals, age limits, and drug and alcohol tests. We have no way of telling how many hours Mexican truck drivers have been on the road before they reach our border inspectors.

Mexico has no limits on how many hours a driver can drive a truck, and no credible drug testing of drivers. The Mexican trucking industry, with few exceptions, has never successfully been monitored, much less supervised.

Over the last several years, there have been many fatal accidents caused by cars and trucks driven by Mexicans, legal and illegal. The most tragic and costly truck accident in Midwest history, resulting in the incineration of Rev. Scott Willis's six children in 1994, was caused by a Mexican truck driver's inability to comprehend warnings in the English language.

Secretary Peters claims that the Mexican drivers will be able to understand English, but we are entitled to doubt Bush's enforcement of the English-language regulation. Mexican drivers unfamiliar with our roads and signage, plus language incompatibility, are a danger to all driving Americans.
I'll bet a taco dinner that those trucks will not be up to US safety standards, and that Mexican trucks will be a menace on our roadways.
So where are the US truckers unions?
Hey Teamsters are you awake?
Or are you gonna roll over and die?
What's up with that?

Here is more salient commentary on the issue:
The next time you contact your congressman, here are a few unpleasant questions to raise as your representative attempts to console you that Congress is on top of things to make sure that Mexican trucks will be safe when driving on U.S. roads:

• Given the number of illegal immigrants being smuggled into the United States now, what will happen when thousands of trucks are coming back and forth into the U.S. daily? What will happen to our already chronic problem with illegal immigration once the border opens up further?

• Since our own government seldom bothers to do anything about crimes committed by illegal aliens, what will happen when a Mexican trucker commits a crime on U.S. soil, and flees straight back to Mexico? What recourse will American citizens have, given Mexico's unwillingness to extradite violent felons to the U.S.?

• What will happen in our communities with the increased flow of drugs, and as the violence fomented from the ultra-violent cartels slops over into our own backyards?

• As the war in the Middle East likely spreads, what effective means will there be to prevent terrorists and their WMDs from being smuggled straight across our border on wide open U.S. freeways?
Plans are underway and our country, as we know it, will be gone by 2010! The trucks are coming, roads are being built, and the Kansas City Customs Port will become Mexican Soil (AKA Mexican Sovereign Territory)! It is being rolled out slowly - no one is paying much attention. The media is tragically silent. When NAU is here it will be too late for all of us to protest.

Why are we allowing this to happen?