Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Tragedy Of EU Socialized Medicine

Medicine managed by government kills.

And this is what some people want here in our country?
Is this what we have to look forward to?

A heart-attack victim was forced to wait 20 minutes, although the emergency vehicles were 5 minutes away. The man died because European Union rules mandated by the European Working Time Directive, adopted in December, require that ambulance crews working shifts between six and 10 hours long are allocated a rest break of 30 minutes and cannot be sent out on 999 calls – (the UK equivalent to 911 emergencies in the U.S.). So the ambulance crew that was on call was on break and could not be dispatched.

The London Ambulance Service, which has launched an investigation of the incident, confirmed that two crews were on a mandated break at a station five minutes away from the shopping center where the man had a heart attack, but they could not be disturbed, the London Daily Mail reported.

As a result an ambulance had to be dispatched from a neighboring community, but it did not arrive for over 20 minutes after the original emergency phone call.
"It is disgusting," said eyewitness Sheldon Trevatt of Edmonton. "The man worked all his life paying his national insurance. If that ambulance had been there earlier I think his life would have been saved.”
I don't know about you but this is one of many horror stories that I have heard regarding socialized medicine.

Here are several reasons why government controlled healthcare is a bad idea.

1) Destroys patient incentives to find the best possible prices for the best possible services/products available.
2) Destroys physician incentives to provide competitive care and destroys drug companies' incentives to provide new drugs and treatments.
3) Steals from your wallet to pay for my health care.
4) The quality of "free" health care will deteriorate and the average citizen will get sicker.
5) Destroys your privacy.
6) Destroys your liberty.