Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Weight Police Coming To A School Near You!

The CT Legislature is considering an outrageous piece of legislation which says the following:


Section 1. (NEW) (Effective July 1, 2007) Each local and regional board of education shall provide for an assessment of the body mass index of each child enrolled in the sixth grade in schools under the board's jurisdiction. The school shall notify the parent or guardian of each such child of the results of such assessment and whether such results qualify the child as being underweight, at a healthy weight, at risk of becoming overweight or overweight based on percentiles for the age and the gender of the child published by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For purposes of this section, a child is (1) underweight if the child's body mass index is in a range that is less than the fifth percentile, (2) at a healthy weight if the child's body mass index is at or above the fifth percentile, but less than the eighty-fifth percentile, (3) at risk of becoming overweight if the child's body mass index is in the range that is greater than the eighty-fifth percentile, but less than the ninety-fifth percentile, or (4) overweight if the child's body mass index is in the range that is greater than the ninety-fifth percentile.
OK, so if you child is underweight or overweight they will notify the parents or guardians....then what? What happens next? Do they give you a time period to "fix the issue"? Will they report you to DCF for being neglectful of your child's health? Will they remove your child from your home?

This is starting to sound like Nazi Germany:
In Nazi Germany, every individual had 'a duty to be healthy'; furthermore, to ensure that individuals fulfilled this duty, the government insisted on 'the primacy of the public good over individual liberties' (The Nazi War on Cancer, by Robert N Proctor, Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1999, p176.)
The war on smoking is a prime example as cited by this article written a few years ago in the UK. You can believe that what you see happening in the UK regarding health care, child rearing, and a host of other things are being imported to the US as we speak. Look around at the plethora of bills in your own legislatures designed to trample your liberties in the name of better health, prevention and protection. I am really wary of legislation that is designed "to help us" or "protect us". You should be too.

Trampling individual liberties helps no one but the government.