Friday, April 6, 2007

Green Weddings

Al Gore's global warming crowd has been whipped up into such a frenzy that now the chic thing to do if you will wed this year is to have a "green wedding". Energy efficiency has hit everything from wedding invitations to choosing entertainment. Eco-friendly celebrations are now the "thing to do".

The Green Wedding Planning business is in full swing.. and I am not knocking it.. I just think that it is just another proof of the vibrancy and success of our Capitalistic system. For every need there can be a business established to fill it.
If someone wants to use recycled gold and "conflict-free" diamonds in their wedding rings, then more power to them. I do get a giggle out of the concept though.

Check out this company, which is one of many, that "helps the environmentally conscious couple to follow their hearts and inspire their guests". This particular company states that you can :
use eco-friendly products, enjoy a gourmet caterer of the organic kind, drive the newest Hybrid car or donate part of your wedding checks to save wild horses in Arizona
I think that it is interesting that this concept is even being promoted on some favorite TV shows. I am not a "soaps enthusiast", although I'll admit to watching Days Of Our Lives with my grandma, and I found it funny when I came across the "green wedding" of Lucas and Sami on Days of Our Lives. They are promoting "The Knot" which is the wedding planner "that came to Salem" to help with the eco friendly nuptials. They offer ideas on earth friendly reception ideas, and using floral arrangements that were not grown with pesticides, as well as minimizing the amount of paper used in invitations and party goods.

I am certain that this concept has already spilled into all other celebratory functions like graduations, proms, bar and bat mitzvahs and confirmation parties.

Maybe everyone should just remember that in many cases less is more.

So along with all of the other details brides-to-be have to worry about - now they have to be conscious of achieving eco-friendly nirvana. No wonder these poor dears are turning in "bride-zillas". Hopefully they won't eventually recycle their husbands too... LOL