Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Picture - Only Worth One Word

Great post over at Capitalist League
Does this woman really honestly believe that she can trust the likes of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad? They have no respect for women, let alone this American woman, who already has humiliated herself by her actions. Whatever anyone feels about the Middle East issues, Pelosi has absolutely no Constitutional power to negotiate with these thugs who sponsor HAMAS and Hezbollah. She ought to be arrested for treason upon her return to the US.


Anonymous said...

Actually "ignorant hag" popped into my head first...oh wait, that's two words.

Tamara said...

No matter what one may think of Bush or the war in Iraq, her actions are just appalling.

Blueberry said...

I had tried to respond to this a couple times but kept deleting it because I couldn't refrain from profanity.

The nerve of this lady is amazing and disgusting.