Monday, April 2, 2007

The Poseidon Adventure - You Too Can Vacation In A James Bond "Bad Guy" Lair

The Poseidon Undersea Resort is not slated to open for another couple of years, but this week a virtual tour of the resort surfaced on YouTube. I hope you'll click on that one - it is pretty wild. The price for reservations: "only" $30,000 per couple per week.

It features 4 inch thick acrylic windows!
The entire underwater enclosure will be held at 1 atmosphere of pressure, so they say that decompression sickness is not a concern.
The resort has been designed to meet the structural requirements applicable to a submarine pressure hull.

Online Wikipedia has a whole article about it too. Among other things they say this:
Poseidon was conceived and developed by L. Bruce Jones, the President of U.S. Submarines, Inc. The underwater resort will be situated in up to 60 feet of water and will be linked to land through two tunnels, one for guest access and one for services. The resort itself will feature an underwater restaurant, a bar lounge, 20 luxury suites, one themed suite, a grand suite, and an undersea bungalow accessible only by submarine. The resort will also cater an onshore facility that will feature five-star hotel amenities.
This gives new meaning to the term "sleeping with the fishes".
I know I'd hate to be the one having to clean all those windows!
Talk about living in a fishbowl!
Looks like it could be a dream vacation for Jacques Cousteau fanatics.