Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So What Is Your Legislature Wasting Its Time On?

Egads.. The Connecticut legislature may consider legislation to establish an official state punk rock song. Our state already uses "Yankee Doodle,” as their official state song, but this legislature is considering adding both an official polka, and maybe even an official punk rock song.

These are the same people who want to give themselves raises and make it a full time legislature.

So this super-majority Democrat legislature apparently doesn't have anything better to do then to consider adopting a bill declaring “Connecticut Fun,” a 1983 tune by a band called Punkestra, the official state punk-rock song.

This is certainly more important than .. say.. protecting CT citizens from eminent domain abuse.. or giving us tax relief.. or developing an energy plan.

I am so glad these people have their priorities straight.


Tamara said...

I don't think any legislature should be full time. If anything, we should shorten the session.

Eric Holcombe said...

Since you asked....

Ours is voting in legal loopholes to give them 10 days to "remember" unreported campaign contributions after being cited (caught) by the election commission - with no penalties:


This, in the wake of the Tennessee Waltz FBI bust/ongoing trial (see Wikipedia). An ethics commission was formed following the indictments as damage control. Now the same legislature is performing dental work on the teeth of the new ethics commission - before they even catch the first offender:


Of course, on the moronic front, we are wasting time lauding the excessive carbon footprint of Algore:


I wish they were only voting on which punk rock song...