Sunday, April 15, 2007

Trinity College Robotics Competition - Today!

All this past week my family has been hosting two Israeli teenage boys. They comprise one team out of many who have come from Israel to compete in the Trinity College Fire Fighting Robotics Competition. Families in our community help by giving the kids and their teachers a place to stay while they visit and prepare for the competition. We have enjoyed their company while they have been preparing to compete. The two teens that we have hosted this week won first place in all of Israel for their robot. (The robot shown above is not theirs). The Israeli teams always do incredibly well. Their reputation for technology and ability to problem solve is well deserved.

Adults and teenagers from all over the world come to compete. It is very exciting to watch them put their robots to the task of putting out a fire in a maze that is supposed to simulate a house. The robots go from room to room seeking the light or heat source and when they find it they go into the room and put out the fire, which is a candle flame. Some robots use water, and some use wind, (via a fan) as well as other ingenious methods.

Oh, and for the record, there are always homeschool teams that compete, and they usually place very high in the standings (that is when they aren't winning).

The creative ideas and technology that is developed and utilized is a testament to human ingenuity.

There are many categories of competition. Here are the rules.
More pictures are here.

Update: The boys we hosted came in Second Place for the High School Standard Division. They did a great job!.