Monday, April 9, 2007

Wow ! - Consent of The Governed Gets The Thinking Blogger Award.... Twice!

My thanks go to both Christine over at the Thinking Mother, AND The Tutor over at Apollos Academy for naming Consent of The Governed as one of their winners of The Thinking Blogger award. Any blogger who is awarded this honor can give another blogger this award. Here is the information about the origin of the award. Now my obligation is to choose 5 bloggers who make me think. Christine already chose 2 of my favorites - so I don't know if I can repeat those choices (which are Dana at Principled Discovery and the Cates family at Why Homeschool) So I will choose 5 others.

1. I grant this award to Izzy over at Homeschooling Revolution. She always has interesting homeschool posts and always has a great sense of humor to go along with them. I admire her for pursuing her legal studies and yet she still has time to post some really good gems. If it weren't for Izzy's prodding me, I would not have created my blog. If you haven't read her book, I encourage you to do so.. and perhaps give it as a gift to someone who is considering homeschooling. I have had the pleasure of meeting her in person and can vouch that she is one terrific woman who is an involved intellectual.

2. I also award The Capitalist League this award because David has had really interesting, insightful and well written posts on many issues. For those who think I am showing "nepotism" or favoritism I have to say that even if he weren't my son, I would still nominate him. I really enjoy his analysis of issues and the topics that he chooses. I particularly enjoy his Capitalist Success stories on Mondays and his posts which begin "And Another Thing..." I hope that more people become regular readers of his blog because he really does have some great things to say that will make you think.

3. My next choice for this award goes to Susan at Corn and Oil. Susan has been another inspiration to me. I had been reading her blog long before I started mine. She always posts insightful and interesting posts. Her activism and passion for homeschool freedom is balanced with her wisdom and insight. She is also an incredible researcher. We are lucky to have people like Susan in the homeschool community.

4. Also added to my nomination list is Tamara at Woman With Stylus. Tamara always has some wonderful thought provoking proverb or saying on her blog and she infuses art, travel, fashion and architecture into her blog to show how we really mirror ourselves through the objects that we see and touch. Her posts always make me think. I know Tamara personally and she is kind and very well read and has such a quiet grace about her. I am glad to have met her through our homeschooling circle.

5. I also award Blueberry at Goodberry Hills this award. She's not only a fabulous and talented artist, but her posts offer a glimpse into aspects of life that we can all relate to (like her recent bout with kids and chicken pox). She offers common sense positions on important contemporary issues infusing her faith as well as her devotion to family. She is someone I'd love to chat with over tea.

This was a fun blog meme to play along with. Thanks again for the nominations from Christine and The Tutor, this was a really nice thinking exercise for me.