Monday, May 28, 2007

The Gathering Of Eagles

The Gathering Of Eagles
We come as a gathering of Eagles
We are warriors of sorts every one
We have flown from the far horizons
To rest from our days in the sun
We have spread our wings over oceans
Swept the earth with our gaze
Answered the call to our duty
Given the world our best days
History stands as our witness
To battles we have fought and won
The staff that carries our banner
Is bloodied by the deeds we have done
We left our comrades on foreign soil
Their souls now rest in God's hands
They are the spent generation
Their blood is mixed with the land
Though our feathers are ruffled and gray
The beat of our wings is not stilled
Now we must fly to the end of the sky
To see the dream of peace fulfilled
(c) James W. Ferris

God Bless the USA... and those who have fought, died, or were wounded, while protecting and defending our country and our freedoms.