Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you wonderful mothers out there! Today is your day.. so take some time off and enjoy it if you can.

Today my family is giving me a gift that I am so excited about.. they are tilling a plot of land for me and helping me to plant this season's vegetable garden, and doing some other general garden clean-up and planting! I'll have to take some "before and after" pictures to share with you ...

Then we are taking my mom out for lunch and just spending the day together.

Have a good one!

Update: Dana at Principled Discovery has a beautiful sentiment that I just had to share.

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Blueberry said...

Happy Mother's Day! I'll look forward to the pictures of your garden. One day I hope to grow all of my own veggies and really should plant some tomatoes soon. My time on the computer has been limited lately so it's nice to be back again.