Friday, May 11, 2007

Homeschoolers: Convention Season Is Upon Us

Spring has sprung and in New England, and across the country too, homeschoolers begin their "fair season". A few conventions have already come and gone here in New England. Conventions, conferences and fairs which feature keynote speeches, vendor halls, kids entertainment and a chance to get together with your homeschool network is a highlight of the year for many homeschoolers. These fairs and conventions recharge our batteries (so to speak) give us some new ideas and allow us to pause and reflect on the many reasons, issues, and accomplishments of homeschooling.

Whether there is a well known keynote speaker being featured, like John Taylor Gatto or Linda Dobson, or even your local homeschool advocates and activists, go and take the time to listen to what is being said. The messages are diverse and can be very helpful in planning next year as well as your overall homeschool journey. There are also opportunities to learn about the homeschool laws in your state and the efforts of those homeschoolers who work to keep you informed. Homeschool legislative liaisons need your help to keep a watchful eye on state and federal lawmakers all year long.

I encourage you to support the organizers of these events and to spread the word about them and to attend them.

Get informed.
Get inspired.
Bring a friend.

The next local fair in CT is hosted by
June 8-9
The First Cathedral
1151 Blue Hills Ave
Bloomfield, CT 06002

The New England Homeschool and Family Learning Conference is usually in July in Boxborough, MA, and this year CT Homeschool Network will have their fair in late September.

For a list of upcoming homeschool fairs visit:
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And here is a short list of tips to attending a homeschool fair from Beverly Hernandez.