Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Queen's Carbon Offset Visit To The US

Total air miles - 13,317 km or 8,275 miles
Amount of CO2 emitted based on scheduled flights - 1. 5 tonnes
Estimated offset cost per person - £13.20 to £14.18 ($26.22-$28.17) depending on type of offset package
Source: The Carbon Neutral Company carbon calculator

Following the Queen's return to the UK her carbon footprint will be calculated and offset for the first time for a state visit.

The tour of the eastern US has included visits to the Kentucky Derby horse race and the site of the first permanent English settlement in the US - Jamestown in Virginia - to mark its 400th anniversary.

Buckingham Palace will make a donation to an environmental charity to offset the plane journeys made by the royal party.

Meanwhile in London I saw this billboard from Spurt Aviation:

Of course that's caused much controversy.

The carbon offset business is something that I plan to blog more about.. basically kids, it is preparing us all for energy rationing. The whole notion of "buying" carbon offsets is a fraud and a sham.

Carbon Offset travel?
Talk about being "on a guilt trip".
(I think this one might even out do Jewish mothers everywhere).