Monday, June 25, 2007

COTG Receives Thinking Blogger Award For The Fourth Time!

Blogdial, a wonderful British blogger, received the Thinking Blogger Award and has passed it on to Consent of the Governed (as well as four others) and had this to say:
Consent of the Governed is a blog written by someone who embodies the true spirit of that once great country The United States of America. Writing common sense in fine English, with self restraint, backed by the facts, this blog really is a joy to read, because it gives us hope that in the USA, there are still people who cherish that country’s true values.
I'd like to thank the folks over at Blogdial for their kind words and their nomination..This makes the fourth time Consent of the Governed has been passed this award. I will have to pass on choosing my 5 nominees to pass this along to because I already have done so once before.

The comments that Blogdial posted seems to affirm that I am doing what I originally set out to do. The principles and values by which this country was established really do mean much to me. I am glad that I can convey that through my postings. What is really wonderful is that I have found so many other blogsites that offer so much great inspiration and information as well. Blogdial is one of those sites.

Past Nominations:
April 05, 2007 from The Thinking Mother
April 08, 2007 from the Tutor at Apollos Academy
April 24, 2007 from The Capitalist League (who has been on hiatus)