Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CT - Governor Rell Finally Vetoes In-State Tuition Breaks For Illegal Aliens

Lawmakers brought a bill forth, HB5656, to reward illegal aliens with in-state tuition breaks in post-secondary schools in CT. Governor Rell vetoed it yesterday afternoon.

She said this:
“The Students and Their Parents Are Here Illegally and Neither Sympathy nor Good Intentions Can Ameliorate that Fact”
In her press release it said further:
The Governor noted in her veto message that she also does not want “to encourage individuals to circumvent federal immigration laws. The bill, by providing benefits to undocumented aliens, may serve to encourage others to come to Connecticut in violation of federal immigration law. National security in the post-9/11 world has become increasingly important and we cannot dismiss the effects of state action that may undermine federal security measures.”
As a citizen of CT and the United States, I am happy to see that our Governor made the right choice in this matter and my comments about why it should have been vetoed can be found in my previous blogpost about this bill.

Bravo Governor Rell!