Wednesday, June 13, 2007

CT Schools And DCF - A Tale Of Truancy And Discrimination Against Homeschoolers

As you know - if you are a regular reader of Consent of the Governed - I have reported on how schools have been reporting homeschoolers to DCF for truancy and educational neglect. These are families who have either proven they had valid excused absences when they were enrolled in school prior to pulling their kids out, or have withdrawn from school and are homeschooling and cannot be deemed truant under CT law.

But anyway.....

If this isn't a case of blatant discrimination, then I don't know what is.

This article comes out the other day on how
2,000 children Could Repeat Grade In Waterbury Schools .
Apparently 2,000 students in Waterbury schools might have to repeat their current grade under the city's tougher absenteeism policy because they have students on the books with 19 or more unexcused absences! Under a new policy in place this year, notes from doctors and parents delivered at the end of the school year are not considered excuses.

So wait just a minute!!!!
How come the school is not reporting THESE families to DCF??
These kids have unexcused absences and they aren't being reported to DCF when homeschooling families are?
All the punishment these government school enrolled families get is the threat of not getting promoted a grade? While homeschool families are threatened with having their children removed from the home?

Get this! The news report says:
Some 2,025 students have missed 18 or more school days - 10 percent of the total school year. Most of those absences in the 18,200-student district were among high school students.

An average of 1,500 students missed school each day last year and officials were concerned too many absences were being waived by principals.

The new policy accepts doctor's notes only if they document a severe or chronic illness and are delivered as soon as the student returns to school.
If this doesn't constitute a discrimination lawsuit I don't know what does. You can bet NHELD will be seriously considering this one.