Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mother's Day Garden Update



Hey, remember when I posted about the garden my family planted for me on Mother's Day?
Well. here are the then and now pictures.
I now have growing bush beans, leeks, collard greens, tomatoes (cherry, big boy and heirloom varieties) also planted but not seen yet are sprouts of beets and eggplant.
I also have a pot of parsley and a pot of basil. (not shown)

Lots of great stuff.. plus we already had a big bowl of cherries from the cherry tree this year. Apparently there weren't any shortage of bees around these parts to pollinate!

Yeah.. I know.. I have to go out and weed it now.. so enjoy the day.. I'll be out weeding my garden. I'll probably harvest some of those collard greens for dinner. They are so healthy for you!

I always love growing my own Victory Garden. For me, the victory is growing healthy, organic, and pesticide free food for our table. Fresh produce is the best!